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13-03-2019 01:28 PM

ammon-Private Hospitals Association (PHA) is seeking to recruit the following position

Communication and Events Specialist


• To implement the association communication strategy, and report on it’s progress and work plans including the coordination of the delivery of their outputs.
• To provide support to the communications and media work plans of the association.
• To oversee internal and external communication and media work of the association to reach out more effectively to targeted audiences.
• To conceptualize and develop creative communication actions and tools for targeted audiences, including tailored tools for international targeted groups.
• To develop media communication, including media relations, drafting press briefings, press release and their distribution to the targeted groups and monitor the preparation of press clippings.
• To monitor and analyze related international press.
• To organize PHA participation in exhibitions, conferences and events.

Job Requirements

• Bachelors’ degree in business administration, marketing or equivalent in a relevant field.
• Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience.
• Knowledge in tourism and/or medical tourism marketing is a plus.
• Fluency in both Arabic and English written and spoken. Russian and French languages are a plus.
• Experience with international work environments and intercultural communication.
• Experience with media outreach.
• Experience with international donors policies and requirements are a plus.
• Excellent knowledge of computer tools, web and layout design and social media.
• Excellent communication, networking, and inter-personal skills.
• Ability to meet deadlines under pressure
• Willingness to travel

For those who are interested and qualified to assume the functions of this post, kindly send your C.V to the email address below within a week of the publishing date.

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