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وظـــائف شـــاغرة للاردنيين في بنك الــدوحة بــدولة قــطر

23-04-2019 10:59 AM

Ammon-the incumbent is responsible for establishing project goals and objectives and for implementation of the Bank’s Cards and ATM related projects that covers required products and services in the assigned system areas. The position ensures that the targeted goals and objectives are handled and carried out efficiently and accomplished within the scheduled time frame and is responsible for managing project budgets to ensure their cost-effectiveness.

Detailed Roles and Responsibilities Include

style="direction: ltr; text-align: left;"> Develops project goals for I.T. Cards and ATM department and plans the best procedures and resources to use in order to achieve them.
Defines project deliverables and constitutes project teams who will carry out project tasks.
Prepares project budget proposals and ensures strict control of the budget.
Assesses risks and security issues involved during the implementation of the projects and the ways to mitigate them.
Oversees day-to-day progress of IT projects and escalates to Section Head – Applications any critical issue that may arise.
Ensures project completion as per schedule and budget.
Negotiates with IT vendors and suppliers and handles critical issues in consultation with Section Head -Applications.
Undertake and complete other important ad-hoc assignments.
Responsible for bank’s electronic banking systems and services like Debit and Credit card system, Loyalty system for Doha Miles, Reconciliation, Instant Card Issuance, POS Acquiring network, AMEX POS acquiring.
Responsible for researching and for the deployment & maintenance of software systems for new credit card, debit card and POS products.
Responsible for providing the MIS information regarding the Card Management System.
Responsible for timely closure of eSCRs, Audit observations, Risks items, timely renewal of Contracts.
Education & Experience Required

University Degree in Computer Science / Programming / Engineering.
Minimum 10 years’ experience in I. T. Project Management, 7 years of which should be in Banking, managing cards and ATMs team.
Project management certificate is a must.
Preferred experience in IRIS from TPS, and CTL from TSYS.
Have detailed experience in all cards and ATMs related areas: HSM, Visa. MC, NCR, Wincore, Certifications, Integrations, EMV, Contactless, Wallets, Tokenization, payment gateway, prepaid cards, etc.
Experience managing a team of system analysts.
Excellent negotiation skills, communication skills to deal with internal and external stakeholders at all levels.
Experience in managing cards area within budget requirements.
Experience in managing BAU and projects, release management and change management.
Preferred bilingual candidate.

(mention in the subject line the position applying for).

Please Note: Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

If you meet the above requirement email your updated CV in English on careers@dohabank.com.qa

  • 1 محمد زهير حامد عودة 23-04-2019 | 02:10 PM

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  • 2 محمد خرفان 23-04-2019 | 05:46 PM

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  • 3 محمد خرفان 23-04-2019 | 05:48 PM

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  • 4 محمد خرفان 23-04-2019 | 05:52 PM

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  • 5 معاذ موسى محمد العداربة 01-05-2019 | 04:16 PM

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